Classy. Unique. Timeless.

The new edarredo collection. Thanks to an elegant and
trendy color palette, it stands out and makes your place unique.

e.03 monocolore

The monocolor edition makes the professional work place
elengant by coordinating all the elements and
accessories tone-on-tone.


We strongly believe in color’s power!

Every color stimulates the human brain, generating a certain state of mind.
We research, select and experiment with color to create relaxing and accomodating workplaces.

Materials are key for us!

Hygiene is a top priority.

Our products are, therefore, made
from carbon steel, an inorganic,
impermeable and non-porous material that repels
moisture, eliminating the possibility of the
proliferation of pathogens.
Liquid residues do not enter
the interior of the cabinet contaminating
the environment but are eliminated
by normal cleaning operations.



100% water repellent




Impact resistant


Our mindset.
Our vision.

An inspiring more than 40 years
story of craftsmanship
and attention to desing.

The made in Italy in the dental,
medical, veterinary’s
furniture world.

Welcome to edarredo.

Born and raised in northern Italy,
today we are an important
internationally recognized reality

Our products represent our soul:
young, dynamic, with an eye
on sustainability, with attention to the
harmony of lines and quality.

We study and create with professionals
comfortable and ergonomic environments,
in which the customer also
manages to feel “like at home”.

Creating the present, knowing the
past and designing the future.


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Us. Our mindset. Our vision. An inspiring more than 40 years story of craftsmanship and attention to desing.…